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Who is He: Let Me Out is a third-person mystery puzzle game where you play as Alvin, a kid who trapped in a village. All you can do is run, hide, and solve the puzzles that block your path and get out of the village to find out who is responsible for everything that happened.


One night Alvin woke up from a nightmare and found his mother missing. All the doors were locked, and he didn't know what really happened. However, he gets help from the ghost of his younger sister to get out of the house and search for his missing mother. Where finally he realized that not only his mother but all the villagers were also missing. And things got even stranger when ghosts appeared out of nowhere.


  • Explore an old haunted Indonesian 60's environment
  • Indonesian traditional instrument gameplay
  • Puzzles interaction

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Who is He: Let Me Out Demo 2020

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Tried out your game...

Good demo! Video of it has been released on our game channel. If you want, we can help with translation and localization of the game into Russian, Chinese, Spanish. Just email us: games@mysnotra.com

good video, thanks for the suggestion we will contact later

Very good mystery build up! I think it's time for the boy to find a new family lol... they left him in the house and he has to find all the puzzles.

Cool video, thank you


amazing job mate! Keep up the good work! 

Thanks for video


That was a good start demo, I get a lot of audience from Indonesia I'm sure they will love this.  May I also recommend the indiexpo.net website for your game too.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Yeah thanks,  we also post in indiexpo


This is a seriously good indie horror! Very chilling music and gameplay. Short demo 10-20 minutes of play time but very fun!!.

Anyone that is interested I did a full no commentary play-through enjoy!!