Devlog #2 - Character Controller Has Been Updated!

Hello Everyone, i'm Ervin Ahmad Nur Hidayanto, Game Programmer in 4Happy Studio.

I'm currently a programmer at Game Developer, I'm familiar with the C # programming language.

Actually I am not very good at programming, for example character programming, I decided to purchase Addon at the Unity Asset Store, the Third Person Ultimate Character Controller from Opsive. But I still need time to research about this addon, because not as I imagined, this addon requires professional expertise to use it.

For the previous version of the Character Controller, we usedUnity's Standard Asset, the Third Person Controller from Unity itself, and changed the Animator Controller slightly, and only changed the 3D character model and just left it. But for the Character Controller it is still very rigid in terms of movement and few features, for example for Camera Control I use features from Cinemachine. Here are the shortcomings we get from this Character Controller:

  • Character movement is still stiff
  • There is no limit slope
  • When combining movement direction, the character's speed increases suddenly
  • Control Wall Clip cameras are still often translucent
  • When the camera hits the character, there is no fade effect
  • Headlook can not follow the camera movement
After we use theUltimate Character Controller, we can overcome all the problems well, but we still need a lot of research because of the very large gameplay requirements, for example the Melee Combat feature and others

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